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Wedding Photography Investment

Investment? Yes my dear friend, photographs are an investment. Just like with anything that you invest in, it changes in value. Sometimes the value goes down, and a lot of times the value goes up! But I can tell you from experience, over time, the value of your photographs don’t just go up, they get to a point that no amount of money could replace them. I believe your memories are worth investing in because I believe some things are worth lasting forever. That is why I love capturing your memories and making them last a lifetime.

All weddings are as unique as the bride and groom and their love story, amazing in their own little ways. Whether it be a huge southern affair or a small intimate elopement, I'd love to have the honor of being a part of your big day. I live for the details, first looks, dancing and capturing your love story with my lens!

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We can customize a wedding package to suit your needs.

Do we travel? Yes we do!! Out of state? Yes! Out of the country!! Of course.